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Playtime with new paints


Oh be still my beating heart!  These Golden High Flow Acrylics in translucent are to die for!

I have played with them today on a journal cover and they are utterly scrumptious, I’ve been in heaven all day with them. 

Remember alcohol inks and their translucency? did you ever wish you could get them in paint form? oh how I longed for that, well this is quite possibly it!  Whether you want to layer up or just have a few feature areas or an embellishment, using these paints will make them stand out.  

If you were wondering about getting translucent paints, you certainly NEED them!  I am so glad I bought some. 

Please do blame me! If you get some, enjoy 🙂




2 thoughts on “Playtime with new paints

  1. Loving your fab results Debs, Annette x

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